iPhone X

After the new iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max arrived in the hands of consumers, a lot of issues have been discovered.

A week ago, we reported that some iPhone XS and XS Max units are having trouble maintaining reliable LTE and Wi-Fi connections. Now, there are complaints from early adopters regarding charging problems.

Several users have posted in Apple’s official support forum that the new iPhones doesn’t automatically charged when plugged in to the lightning cable and charger. Instead, the iPhones require a tap on the screen to wake it up and begin charging. Other users reported that their units require an unplug and plug it back in procedure for it to work.

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Popular YouTuber Lewis of Unbox Therapy has tested a handful of iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max, and he discovered that most of his units were affected by the issue. On the other hand, his last generation iPhone X is working just fine.

Apple has not released any statement as of the moment, but #chargegate is quickly gaining traction online. Hopefully, it can be fixed by a simple software update. Otherwise, Apple would be in trouble once again.

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