Apple introduced its latest iOS 14 during the WWDC 2020 event held a few days back. The new iOS version came with several new abilities but one which stands out is the feature which alerts users when app reads their device’s clipboard.

A report by The Telegraph indicates that some apps have been detected by the new feature to access the clipboard. The most prominent of such apps is the leading video-sharing app TikTok

The Telegraph noted that TikTok was earlier in March detected to be accessing the clipboard on users’ devices whenever they appear on the screen. At the time, ByteDance which owns the app had promised that it will discontinue such obnoxious practice with the timeline set for a few weeks.

Apparently, that did not happen and they were busted when a user of TikTok who had updated his smartphone to the latest iOS 14 started receiving multiple notifications of the app trying to access his phone’s clipboard.

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However, ByteDance released a new statement where it admitted to accessing the clipboard but added that it is done to detect “spammy behaviour.”

Since iOS 14 will continue alerting users of such secretive access to the clipboard, TikTok has released an update which stops the app from trying to gain access to the clipboard. There is no indication, though, if the same access will be revoked on the Android version of the popular app.

Apart from TikTok, other popular apps which were caught accessing the clipboard includes Overstock, Accuweather, AliExpress, Patreon, Call of Duty Mobile and Google News.

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