Acer has unveiled a pair of inexpensive notebooks.

Acer Switch One 10 and Switch V10 both feature 10-inch IPS touchscreen displays which are detachable from the keyboard. Both devices are powered by a quad-core Intel Atom processor and most probably 2GB* of RAM.

Acer Switch One 10
Acer Switch One 10

2-in-1 budget laptops that transform into tablets.

The two are comparable to each other, except the Switch V10 has a multitude of colors to choose from and include a fingerprint reader and USB type C port for data transfer, video output, and charging needs. It also has a rear and front camera built-in, while the One 10 doesn’t come with the latter.

Acer claims that the Switch V10 will last for up to 9 hours. On the other hand, the Switch One 10 is rated at 8 hours battery life.

Acer Switch V10

The V10 and Switch One 10 are equipped with Acer’s Snap Hinge latch-less magnetic design which enables it to go into four modes; notebook, display, pad, and tent.

The Acer Switch V10 will come in Shale Black, Pearl White, Peacock Blue, Navy Blue, and Coral Red colors. It will be available for only $249 (~Php11,600). Meanwhile, the Acer Switch One 10 ships in Metallic Gray and will retail for only $199 (~Php9,300).

[Source: Windows Blog]

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