Tech giant Apple could be making Google a run for its money as word on the internet claims that the company is set to build a MacBook aimed at the low-budget market. One set at a price point that is more or less similar to the Chromebook.

Google’s Chromebook has been gaining traction in the market, especially among students in need of a device to aid in their studies. For a machine that can be acquired for an amount far less than a Windows or Apple laptop, Chromebooks have been dominating its target market since. Recently, word has it that Apple is taking notice.

According to the Digitimes, Apple has been working on a budget-friendly MacBook meant for the education sector, with a price that matches that of Chromebook. As a low-priced version of the MacBook, it will come from a different lineup than both the MacBook Pro and the MacBook Air.

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Building a cheap MacBook is expected to come with a lot of compromises, especially with the choice of components. But the cheap variant that Apple is working on will at least retain the metal casing.

Outside of the hearsay, there is no hint that the Cupertino company is already pushing for its new laptop. Its major suppliers, namely, do not show any sign of activity pointing to such. But knowing Apple, whose development cycle often requires at least nine months, development to mass production of a new laptop line-up would not be seeing the light of day until the second half of 2024.

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