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ASUS introduces budget laptops E210, E410, and E510


Consumers who are looking for a budget laptop should consider ASUS’ latest offering as it introduces the E210, E410, and E510 models.

Featuring a chic, youthful color design in multiple variants, ASUS’ budget laptops are quite conspicuously aimed at the younger generation of the present age.

The laptops also range in different sizes, too, varying between 11.6” and 15.6,” which caters to unique preferences. Smaller ones are typically aimed at easier portability but bigger ones tend to have a larger screen that puts less strain to the eyes.


Adding also with each laptop’s movability is every model’s lightweight build. 

Built for better productivity, each laptop adheres to a fanless design, which gives users needed quietness when doing tasks with their device. 

Users can also use these laptops in varying angles, whether sitting on a table or lying prone in bed, thanks to each device’s 180-degree lay-flat hinge. 

Making for something unique to the laptop is the rather emblematic NumberPad, which puts the typical number keys in the exact same space as the touchpad. When utilized, the NumberPad provides a unique experience for users who are into crunching numbers.


Users who are typically on-the-go need not worry about the laptop losing juice, either. With the capability to remain charge over the 24-hour period, the laptop is significantly energy-efficient than most laptops.

With the products still yet to hit the market, global pricing is still a subject of future announcement.


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