CloudFone has announced that they are doing a second wave of their successful CloudFone Best Deals promo due to popular demand. But how good are these deals? Well, you can get a tablet with TV capabilities for as low as Php3,299.

Check out the table below for the complete list of devices included in the promo.

CloudFone Ice 350eFrom Php 1,999 to Php 1,599
CloudFone Ice 401eFrom Php 1,999 to Php 1,799
CloudFone Thrill 400qxFrom Php 5,999 to Php 3,599 with FREE Extra Big Battery and Back Cover
CloudFone Thrill 430xFrom Php 4,999 to Php 3,599
CloudFone Thrill 530qxFrom Php 9,999 to Php 7,999
CloudFone Thrill 501qFrom Php 8,999 to Php 5,999 with FREE Extra Big Battery and Back Cover
CloudPad 701TVFrom Php 3,999 to Php 3,299 with FREE Leather Case
CloudPad 800qwFrom Php 5,999 to Php 3,999
CloudPad 800wFrom Php 8,999 to Php 6,999

If you found anything you like, you can visit the nearest CloudFone store or dealer to pick up any of these deals!

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  1. Nuts i say. Best deals? C’mon, technology keeps on advancing and what you release today will depreciate in a year or two. They just try to, for lack of better word, deceive the prospective buyers for them to think “Oy, mura to/ savings.” When in fact, they have to dispose of their slowly depreciating stocks…

    They say think before you click…. Likewise, think…