Pornhub Premium now FREE to encourage everyone to stay at home and flatten the curve


Pornhub has announced that its premium service will be available for free for everyone around the world.

In order to help make self isolation a little bit easier, interested people can sign up for Pornhub’s stay home program. For one (1) whole month, everyone can enjoy everything that the adult content site has to offer.

In addition, Pornhub content creators will also be getting additional revenue because the company is giving them 100% of their video sales for the next month.


After the 15% processing fee, adult actor and actresses of Modelhub and Pornhub will get 85% revenue share, which is way higher than their previous setup. Aside from the free Pornhub Premium, the company is also donating 15,000 face masks to paramedic, EMTs, and first responders in New York. An additional €50,000 will also be donated to European organizations to buy medical equipments.

Pornhub is hoping that their free premium service will encourage everyone to stay at home and flatten the curve.

You may avail of the FREE Pornhub Premium account by visiting this page —

Via: Mashable

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