Atom Limbs announced that Atom Touch, its revolutionary artificial arm, is set to become available next year. The company says that it can be mind-controlled, do almost all kinds of human motion, individual finger control, and give a basic sense of touch.

According to Atom Limbs CEO Tyler Hayes, they got the inspiration for building the artificial arm when they learned that the healthcare system can’t do much for people with limb loss. For every 5 people, only 1 chooses to wear and use prosthetics because of poor quality and inconvenience.

With this knowledge, Atom Limbs made it a goal to revolutionize the $800 billion+ physical disability industry and provide good quality prosthetics for over 65 million limb-different individuals.

The Atom Touch can be connected to a wearable device called the ‘cuff’, which is also connected to a shirt that has a brain-to-computer interface to help control the arm.

Atom Limbs says that there are still things to improve with Atom Touch, as it doesn’t behave exactly like a real arm just yet. In the future, they hope to develop it further and make it more accessible to more people.

Source: Interesting Engineering

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