In addressing the laborious task that is usually involved in checking the health of marine environments, two UP Diliman scientists have joined forces to come up with a solution that seeks to improve the process—a semi-automated fish monitoring device called FishDrop.

Beginning in 2016, UP Department of Computer Science (UPD-DCS) machine intelligence expert Prof. Prospero C. Naval, Jr. and University of the Philippines – Diliman College of Science Marine Science Institute (UPD-CS MSI) Dr. Laura David proposed the project with a conference paper entitled, “FishDrop: Estimation of Reef Fish Population Density and Biomass using Stereo Cameras.”

The project sought to develop a semi-automatic method that fuses the power of an audio-enabled camera rig and image recognition software for efficiently gathering accurate data on available fish on the sea. More specifically, the device was made to aid divers with minimal training in gathering measurements on the population and distribution of species.

Credit: Prospero Naval, Jr. and Laura T. David

Acknowledging the importance of aquatic life in the daily life of average Filipinos, FishDrop seeks to help in boosting the country’s efforts toward the resilience of reefs and restoration of biodiversity while simultaneously contributing to the overall health of the nation’s reef ecosystems.

Last June 26, 2023, Dr. David came to the spotlight as she explains further in detail about FishDrop on “iStories,” including the difficult journey of how the breakthrough project came to become a patent.

iStories is a program that tackles talks, activities, and story-telling around innovations, highlighting the individuals behind them, be they local or international in origin. The goal of which is to inspire and spark the creative and inventive geniuses among young scientists, not just exclusively to UPD-CS but also from other institutions within and outside of UP.

With a monthly rollout, iStories takes place on the last Monday of every month.

Source: University of the Philippines

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