Back in 2011, Pinoy inventor Ismael Gregorio Aviso unveiled his motionless electric generator that could power an electric car using ambient energy harvested from the surroundings.

But after all these years, he apparently hasn’t received any proper support from the government for his “free energy” tech, and so he’s decided to share his breakthrough to foreigners instead.

According to Aviso via the Manila Bulletin, he has received an invitation to attend an international energy conference in the US later this month. The invitation was reportedly sent by Aaron Murakami, the founder of the Energy Science and Technology Conference.



Aviso claims foreigners have been friendly to him as they want to discover his secrets. A tech like his would have a great impact on electric cars, given its efficiency and lack of harmful environmental byproducts.

As the name suggests, a motionless electric generator is designed to generate energy without any moving parts or engine. Aviso calls his own take of this concept as an ambient energy collection.

To demonstrate, Aviso showed an electric car on YouTube that’s powered by his tech.

Aviso previously made news in March 2020 when he and his son were arrested for selling fake coronavirus medicines. He said the case had been dismissed.

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