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If you think the year 2020 is not ludicrous enough, wait until you here this.

Researchers have discovered possible alien life on Venus, a planet sitting next to our planet Earth. The researchers saw a rare and toxic gas called phosphine, which suggests that there may be alien life on the said planet.

Don’t get too excited, though. This doesn’t mean that they spotted actual alien life living on Venus — as stressed by the discovery’s lead author, Jan Greaves of Cardiff University School of Physics and Astronomy.

However, the presence of phosphine cannot be explained, which leads researchers to believe that an alien life living on the planet Venus is possible.

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But what is phosphine, anyway? Well, it’s a bad-smelling gas that can come from the likes of a rotting fish. This basically means that phosphine came from living organisms. It’s no surprise that we have it on Earth, but it’s interesting to see it on other planets with no known lifeform.

Speaking of which, unlike Mars expeditions, it’s hard to treat Venus as a possible second home to Earth. It’s said that Venus has a hellish ambiance as its day-time temperatures are hot enough to melt a lead and its atmosphere is mostly compromised by carbon dioxide. The heat levels are no surprise since Venus is the second closest planet on the Sun, right next to Mercury.

The experts were able to spot this discovery using its telescopes in Hawaii and the Atacama Desert in Chile.

Via: MIT Technology

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