The Philippines has started legally distributing COVID-19 vaccines. The first recipients were front liners. So the question is, when can a regular Filipino citizen get one?

Ken Alambra, a civil engineer from the University of the Philippines Los Baños, has the same question, which led him to develop the Vaccine Queue Calculator for the Philippines App.

Engineer Alambra has teamed up with researcher Reina Sagnip, a researcher from De La Salle University Manila to develop the app for the Omni Calculator Project based in Poland.

So, how does it work? The app can determine when you are in line to get a vaccine in the Philippines. It can figure out the minimum and the maximum number of people in front of you in line, plus the approximate dates for getting the vaccine.

The app doesn’t exactly have access to an existing list of people who’d be getting the vaccine. Instead, it calculates your spot in line using your age, job, health condition, and risk factors and will base it on the government’s national priority list.

With that, the app’s capability is limited to the government’s projected targets. Still, in a statement given by Alambra to PhilStar, their team is looking for any updates that will help improve the tool.

You can easily use the calculator below.

Vaccine Queue Calculator for the Philippines

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