The latest smartphone to come from Apple is the 8GB iPhone 5C. It’s identical with other 5C models in all hardware aspects beyond the internal storage, which means it’s also now the cheapest option in that smartphone lineup.

Users wanting to grab this cheapest iPhone 5C model will probably need to ready only around Php25,000, if the current prices in the official online store are any indication. (See other prices of the iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C here.) But such low internal storage also means less actual space for user files. The total space used by iOS and preinstalled apps is around 3GB, leaving only 5GB for users. A combination of one movie, some MP3s, and apps will already leave no room for anything else.

For now, the 8GB iPhone 5C isn’t listed in the Apple’s online store for the Philippines, but expect it to appear there soon.

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