WatchGuard Firebox T10

In this day and age, the traditional office setup has been challenged by emerging trends. For one, BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) is slowly gaining ground. But more significantly is the previously unthinkable setup of allowing employees to work from home.

While both setups bring a lot of advantages for both the company and the employees, they also do present some challenges. Among other things, one of the chief concern is security. However, BYOD setups are easier to remedy security-wise. Work-at-home setups are a different story. For most companies, securities offered by current VPN setups are not enough.

That’s where WatchGuard Technologies’ FireBox T10 UTM (Unified Threat Management) solution comes into play. It’s a a network security appliance that allows enterprises to extend powerful network security to small office homeoffice (SOHO) environments (i.e. your home) simply by plugging in the appliance. Once installed, your home office gets the same level of protection as working in the corporate office. This gives your corporate IT one less reason to disallow Work-at-home setups. Cost would also be very reasonable, given the comprehensive amount of features the appliance provides, not to mention the benefits of home-based setups.

If you’re interested to recommend this to your corporate heads, you can head over the source link for more information.

[Source: WatchGuard]

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