Alcatel has announced their new line of products: the Pixi smartphones.

This news comes fresh from the release of information that they have acquired the Palm brand, and it’s actually not the first Pixi that this budget phone maker has produced. The Pixi is rather unique in its own category: it’s completely compatible with three major operating systems (Windows Phone, Android and Firefox OS). The highly versatile Pixi 3 has four major variants- a 3.5 inch 3G model, and three LTE versions that are much larger at 4, 4.5 and 5-inches in screen size.

These smartphones are engineered to let smartphone users use their phones with the same operating system they’re using everywhere else, at work, at home, and on the go, and while these “more affordable” phones don’t rival the features and power of top tier smartphone devices (the 3.5 inch model only has 3G connections) but Alcatel maintains that its users aren’t interested in the more complicated systems, they just want something that they’re familiar with.

While it might be tricky for Alcatel to ensure a high quality experience for every single user of the Pixi 3 products, the company has a large amount of experience working with all three operating systems. Alcatel’s previous products used primarily Google OS, and their last phone model used Mozilla, and the second generation used Windows 64-bit- proving that the company has experience working with different operating systems. We’ll just have to wait and see how they perform when the phones get their debut on the CES 2015 floor.

Sources suggest that the Alcatel One Touch Executive in charge of the American markets purchased the Palm trademark in November simply to get an increased presence in business minds in Western markets. In fact, the Palm’s return was teased briefly by the new website Alcatel has created, but for now it seems like Alcatel’s newest Pixi model doesn’t bear any connection to the Palm trademark.

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