As mainstream devices become ever more questionable when it comes to respecting people’s privacy, some are coming up with solutions with a promise of keeping that which many hold dear—privacy in the digital age.

One Android developer, Simple Mobile Tools, is rising to the challenge with a plan to bring into the market a smartphone that is privacy-focused (via u/tibbbi, a developer at Simple Mobile Tools).


While a head-turner, the announcement sadly came bare bones. Information regarding hardware specifications remains dubious. Although, it is implied that the device in question will come pre-loaded with a slew of open-source software. Web browser and email client, however, might be excluded from the package.

Entering a market that is dominated by the likes of Google and Apple would prove to be a tough market, especially for one so new and small as Simple Mobile Tools. But instead of competing by targeting the average mobile user, it could establish its domain by focusing on a niche market, which includes enthusiasts that long for a device that runs exclusively on open-source programs.

Source: Android Police

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