While we’re waiting for the much-anticipated ZenFone 2, Asus has unveiled a cheaper alternative that will soon arrive in the Philippines: the Asus ZenFone C.

Asus hasn’t exactly mentioned the name or when exactly the release date is; the post merely tells people to “‘C’ what others can’t see” and “‘C’ and experience the difference soon.” But we get it. It’s the Asus ZenFone C alright, which previously had a launch in Malaysia. It’s a 4.5-inch Android smartphone that features the company’s PixelMaster Camera techonology, as well as low light mode and Intel HyperThreading technology. It’s basically an entry-level smartphone whose specs are somewhere between last year’s ZenFone 4 and ZenFone 5.

Available color choices for the Asus ZenFone C are black, white and red. Retail price remains to be confirmed, but it sells for around Php4,250 in Malaysia. Expect the local price to not go over Php5,000.

[Source: Asus Philippines]

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