As expected, Samsung and Apple still shipped the most number of smartphones in Q2 2022. That’s despite a huge decline in the total number of shipped units during the said quarter.

Canalys’s numbers show that the global shipments in Q2 2022 fell to 287 million units. That’s a -9% decline from the 315.6 million units shipped during the same quarter last year.


The firm explains that, while Samsung and Apple tried to up the numbers, Chinese brands dragged the market down, possibly due to the increasing number of lockdowns in China during the said quarter.

While Samsung and Apple had an annual growth of 6% and 8%, respectively, Chinese phones got up to a -25% decline. Taking the third to fifth spots are Xiaomi with the said -25% decline, followed by OPPO at -22%, then Vivo at -19%.


Unlike before, analysts say that supply chain shortages are no longer an issue as there had been a decline in component orders and that suppliers are actually worried about oversupply.

As for the second half of 2022, the analysts expect that the market demand would remain weak. Analysts say that it may be due to the strong US dollar value, geopolitical problems, high inflation, and whatnot.

Source: Canalys

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