Samsung is going above and beyond in delivering good after-sales service with the release of a new feature called Repair Mode.

The new Samsung Repaid Mode essentially acts as a security valet when you surrender your smartphone for repairs to ensure that your personal data is safe and can’t be accessed by anyone but you.

So, how can you enable the Samsung Repair Mode? First, go to your Settings Menu > Battery and Device Care > and enable the repair mode from there.

After enabling the said feature, your smartphone will reboot. It will then show you a new user interface that only shows the default apps — enough apps to make the device functional and for the service centers to check if the device has been fixed.

This means that all of your personal data are locked. That includes files, photos, social media accounts, and more.

To disable the Samsung Repaid Mode, the user must enter the device’s password or fingerprint.

The said feature will be initially available on the Galaxy S21 smartphone via a software update. The same update shall arrive on more devices soon.

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