HBO GO, home to some exclusive TV shows and a direct competitor to other video-on-demand platforms like Amazon Prime Video and Netflix, is announcing a price increase to its subscription.

Starting August 21, 2022, HBO GO will be seeing a hike in its monthly subscription, raising what would be a previous rate of Php149 per month to Php199 per month. Likewise, the streaming platform’s three-month subscription is also seeing an augmentation in its pricing as well, increasing a Php299 monthly expenditure to Php399 per month.

While not solely the reason for the price increase, the rise in the pricing precedes the launch of the highly-anticipated prequel to the widely-popular TV series Game of Thrones with House of Dragon, which is anticipated to roll out on August 22.

Despite its broadcasted price hike, HBO GO’s asking price for its service remains to be relatively lower than its big rivals, Amazon and Netflix, though may be partly explained by its significantly smaller library of entertainment offerings.

HBO GO is available as a mobile application in both Apple Store and Google Play Store, but it can be accessed via a web browser as well for Philippine consumers via

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