As PLDT announces the completion of its effort to transform Home Ultera into a faster and better fixed wired and wireless service, the telco is offering its existing subscribers to either upgrade to a higher speed fiber plan or opt for a postpaid wireless service without charge.

Part of the initiative is also the decommissioning of 185 towers, the very same infrastructure that powered Home Ultera’s expansive coverage via Time-Division Duplex Long-Term Evolution (TD-LTE), by the end of July,

Some 3,000 pre-existing Home Ultera subscribers are subsequently eligible for the service migration.

With nationwide coverage, 58 provinces are affected by the migration effort, ranging from Benguet in the North to Maguindanao to the south, to name a few.

PLDT’s move to decommission a substantial number of its telecom towers comes following a sale, which it announced earlier in the year. A total of 5,907 telecom towers were sold and will be leased back to PLDT as part of the agreement.

Capable of delivering up to 10,000 Mbps of fiber-optic service, PLDT holds a unique and powerful position as a telco company for its consumers.

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