Scammers are using QR code as part of a new scam, according to PLDT’s cybersecurity operations center.

The new type of scam has been dubbed “quishing,” in which fraudsters store malicious URLs into QR codes that unsuspecting users could then scan with their smartphone camera and be redirected to fake versions of genuine websites.

Just like in typical phishing cases, users who fail to notice the irregularities will likely submit sensitive information, such as usernames and passwords, through these fake websites for fraudsters to steal.

According to Angel Redoble, the company’s chief information and security officer, hackers will use the stolen information to take over accounts and digital wallets and prevent the owners from gaining access.

As the use of QR codes is rising in popularity because of the convenience in financial transactions and information tracking, users are advised to only scan QR codes from trusted sources and to always check links before clicking. Users are also told to be familiar with similar scams, such as smishing.

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