A Russian security firm recently claims that there is malware found on a few Android apps that are apparently charging users without their permission.

The report says that the malware is found on 28 Android apps, which have been collectively downloaded by 10 million times.

Dr. Web, the Russia-based IT solutions vendor, revealed in its monthly report that the adware trojans were found on Android apps used in photo editing, wallpaper downloaders, keyboard apps, and more.


Many of these apps are apparently hiding in plain sight so users didn’t think about deleting them. They did this by changing their app icons to look like an important app native to the smartphone.

While hidden, these apps are believed to be subscribing users to paid mobile services secretly and constantly showing ads to earn money.

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Google has always reassured its users that they always check apps for malware before they become available in the Play Store. Obviously, some still manage to make it through.

What’s worse, even after Google take down these apps, they stay on the devices of the users who already downloaded them. So for extra precaution, makes sure the apps, especially old ones, installed on your phone are updated.

It’s also best to do a background check on the app before getting them. Check the comments section or the publisher behind it to make sure that your phone and data are safe when you download them.


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