All users of Cherry Mobile Superion Radar LTE should now connect online if they want some Android Lollipop goodness. An OTA update for the tablet is available.

You know the drill. Back up important files, charge the battery to at least 80% its capacity, and connect to a stable Wi-Fi connection before you hit the update app of your Superior Radar LTE tablet. Here’s a little bit of bad news, though: according to Cherry Mobile, the update is not applicable for rooted or modded devices.

It’s odd that they still included the Flare S3 as part of this new announcement, given that they already announced an update for that smartphone, along with the Flare S3 Lite and Touch XL, a few days ago. But there’s no point in making a fuss, this could probably be just a simple reminder to Flare S3 users that their Android Lollipop OTA update is already available.

Cherry Mobile Superion Radar LTE Android Lollipop Update (2)

[Source: Cherry Mobile]

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