Convention dictates our devices should have multiple cables—one for data transmission, one for power and so on. Acer wants a paradigm shift: why not use only one cable for everything? The company’s new series of monitors, the Acer H7, is paving the way for that kind of future. And it does so by being the “world’s first” series of monitors to support the USB Type-C technology.

Don’t misunderstand. The Acer H7 may be an early adopter of USB Type-C, but it does not use the standard for its own power. Rather, the Type-C port is for smartphones and other mobile devices for the simultaneous purpose of charging, displaying and data transferring. In fact, with the right mobile device, you can turn Acer H7 monitors into working desktop computers, complete with built-in monitor speakers powered by Acer TrueHarmony and DTS sound.

Acer H7 series (2)

While we’re nearing the day when there’s only one actual cable (that is, before we go fully wireless) for everything, the Acer H7 still has to fit in with today’s norm. It still has a slew of ports in the back: DisplayPort, HDMI, older versions of the USB and more.

Available in 25-inch and 27-inch sizes, the Acer H7 monitors sport a 2560×1400 resolution. Price starts at $499.99, with February targeted as the release date.

[Source: Acer]

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