There have been a lot of smartphone-related accidents lately, and the most recent of these tragedies unfortunately happened to an 18-year-old Chinese girl, who was found dead in her sleep while charging her iPhone 4S.

Upon returning home from work, the deceased’s sister noticed a burning smell and subsequently found the body lying in the bedroom. A couple of burns marked across the neck, hands, and leg, which led the forensics team to believe that the cause of death was electrocution brought about by the nearby iPhone 4S.

It isn’t Apple’s iconic smartphone that is to blame, though, but rather the knock-off charger is. Accidents can happen to just about anyone, but the likelihood is increased when you make use of counterfeit products. That’s one of the reasons why smartphone companies issue warnings that discourages the use of unauthorized accessories. The world of news has been abuzz with cellphones catching on fire or even exploding, which are often attributed to fake batteries and accessories. Buyer beware.

[Source: Shanghaiist]

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