Huawei is known for its usual flip cases and silicone cases. But for the new smartphones launched globally a couple of days ago, Huawei brings a different set to the new Huawei P40 series. Not just ordinary cases, as they did add some interesting features and designs to its accessories.

The first one is for the Huawei P40 Pro, a gaming accessory meant to help users in playing games. This gaming case adds two physical trigger buttons on its top side for FPS games and the case automatically connects itself to Bluetooth as you put it up with the smartphone.


The next one is for the Huawei P40 — a wireless charging case. This one is a typical solution to the old problem of the Huawei P30. Its main function is to add wireless charging to a smartphone even if it doesn’t have one. The difference for this one is it equals the fastest charging capacity of the Huawei P40 which is 22.5W.




Lastly, there are elegant smartphone cases for Huawei P40. This smartphone case comes with Swarovski crystals and even with a special handmade box. There’s also a flower scented card from Huawei and black velvet lining that adds to its premium and elegant look. 


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