Apple continues to climb up the ranks as its iPhone 12 surpassed Samsung 5G flagship smartphones in as fast as 2 weeks. While the former is a bit late when it comes to the 5G fever, it still manages to overtake the likes of Samsung.

During the month of October alone, Counterpoint Research reports that the iPhone 12—which only started its pre-orders on October 16 and commenced shipping on October 23—was already the best selling 5G-enabled device all over the world.

The month before, it was Samsung’s Galaxy Note 20 Ultra which was taking the lead. This device came out in August, but Apple’s smartphones easily nagged the spotlight, capturing a total of 24% of total shipments. That’s 16% for the regular iPhone 12 and 8% for the Pro version.


Note 20 Ultra’s part dropped from 5% (September) to 4% (October). This made it the 3rd best selling model. Meanwhile, the standard Note 20 and Galaxy S20 Plus had a share of 2% each.

Apart from overtaking Samsung’s 5G flagships, the iPhone 12 also hits the top 10 best seller’s list of 5G smartphones from January to October, coming out in 7th place. This is actually to be expected because analysts were already probing—even before there was an iPhone 12— that Apple has the potential to take away Samsung’s lead in the 5G line easily. It is also reported that an upgrade ‘supercycle’ is in the works which could strengthen the sales in the coming years.


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Counterpoint also holds the belief that there is a demand for 5G devices within the iOS sector and is being transformed into sales nowadays. In the US alone, more than a third of the iPhone 12 and 12 Pro shipments that came last October are getting a boost from carrier promos. The handsets are thriving in China and Japan as well. With the iPhone reaching over 140 countries, there is no doubt that the 5G coverage extends more.

It is also worth mentioning here that the iPhone 12 models which are sold in the United States also support the mmWave 5G. This allowed an increase of mmWave capable smartphones from 5% (September) to 12% (October). With the increase in popularity of the iPhone 12, it could motivate operators to accelerate deployment. At the same time, this would lay the cornerstone for Apple to use the capabilities of the mmWave in AR/VR.

The demand for Apple’s products—especially the iPhone 12 line—is expected to remain strong particularly as we enter the holiday season. It will continue to shine even until the year 2021.

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