The highly-anticipated follow-up to Android 10 and current latest iteration of the Android operating system, Android 11, saw its debut earlier this month.

Like all previous showcase of the Android OS, the presentation highlighted the software’s features, most of which aimed at either introducing something new or displaying significant improvement from the last iteration. 

Android 11 is indeed going to be smarter and handier than ever before, but not all of its features can come to your phone.

According to XDA Developers, it appears that Google has made an update over its Compatibility Definition Document (CDD), which is specifically done for Android 11. In it, it explains whether certain features has to be included and whether such inclusion has to be mandatory by nature or not.

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Here are a few features that will not see mandatory inclusion in Android 11:

  • Traditional power button menu interface
  • Segmentation of conversations that appear on notifications
  • Identity Credential API

While users can still expect to see the listed features in Google’s Pixel smartphones when the OS officially rolls out, the same may not be necessarily as true for other OEMs, like Xiaomi and Samsung

Giving the optionality that is born from the altered CDD, it seems likely that these features may see lesser significance for OEMs. Considering the influence of such OEMs  in the overall market, they have the power to define what Android 11 would be like for most consumers, more than Google could.

Despite the imposition that may come from the updated version of the CDD, OEMs appear to be at liberty still whether to adhere to it or not. Something that some of us may had been witnesses to, based on the split between those who hew closely to Google’s effectuation and those who significantly chose to diverge.

It is likely that Google will make future changes with the CDD down the road, but it might not entail stricter adherence to changed requirements.

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