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Nokia N95 reboot prototype spotted in the wild


A developing model of what could be a reboot to one of Nokia’s iconic N-series phones—the N95—has appeared on the internet, giving everyone a glimpse of its latent modern remake design.

YouTuber, Michael Fisher, otherwise known as “MrMobile,” uploaded a video featuring the smartphone reimagining of the Nokia N95, preceding it with a brief walk throughout its history since its commercial launch back in 2007.

Looking at the device, the device is clearly a smartphone, given its sleek and slim form factor. But more than just your average smart device fair, it features a physical functionality that remains uncommon to a gadget of its kind—that is, the ability to slide its display panel to reveal hidden components underneath.

In the case of this “Nokia N95 reboot,” it reveals a concealed set of loudspeakers, a front camera, and a spotlight-style LED flash when nudging the display panel sideways.

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At the back, the device shows an array of four cameras, surrounded by a bezel that also plays as a built-in kickstand. Essentially building into the smartphone a stand-alone convenience that mitigates the need for a “hands-on” approach.


Although the showcase does not guarantee its eventual commercial release, it does, however, present a prospect of what an ancient device would have looked like if HMD Global gives it a modern treatment. Don’t get your hopes up, as Fisher says the N95 reboot has been cancelled.

Source: Mr Mobile

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