There are tons of characteristics that make for a great smartphone, but the main one that tons of people care a lot about is performance.

See, a smartphone is really nothing if it has poor performance. No matter what kind of bells and whistles it has, if you can’t seamlessly communicate through social media, capture moments by taking pictures, or entertain yourself by gaming, then your phone is pretty much worthless.


But as you know, almost all of the phones today — even those in the midrange category — are already capable enough to handle almost any task you throw at them.

If you’re curious about getting this kind of budget-friendly device, we’ll show you how the Php13,999 OPPO A77s can level up your productivity and gaming experience.

The OPPO A77s, on paper

The OPPO A77s is powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 680 octa-core processor, paired with an Adreno 610 GPU, 128GB of fast UFS 2.2 storage, and 8GB of LPDDR4X RAM.


According to OPPO, the new CPU offers more than double the CPU performance of its predecessor and 76% of the GPU performance.

It also features Extended RAM technology by borrowing space from the onboard storage. This allows you to increase the memory by up to 8GB.


The 128GB of storage is already plenty to store all your apps, games, movies, and TV shows saved for offline viewing, as well as photos and videos shot from the device itself. But if that’s not enough, the OPPO A77s also has a microSD card slot that allows you to further expand the storage by up to a whopping 1TB.

How to be productive with the OPPO A77s

The OPPO A77s is equipped with the right hardware and software features that help your productivity.


For starters, there’s the RAM Expansion technology that lets you borrow up to 8GB of space from the fast storage and convert it into virtual memory, doubling your memory capacity. You can simply head to the settings and choose if you want to add 4GB, 6GB, or max it out to 8GB of virtual RAM.


But what does it actually do? Well, having a bigger RAM means that you can minimize apps and have them still running in the background, so you can easily go back to them when you need it.

In the real world, this means that you can write an article or assignment on the Google Docs app; switch to Google Chrome or any other app that has your source, and switch back to continue writing. All that while also being entertained by having streaming apps like Spotify running in the background.


The big RAM capacity also allows you to run apps side-by-side with ease. The split windows feature can be easily summoned by swiping three fingers from the bottom up and picking the second app running. 

In addition, there are flexible windows, which allow you to have an app running in a floating window for better multitasking. For one, you can have an excel document running on the main screen and have a calculator floating on the screen, so you can do computations quicker.


Stay productive longer with its big battery and fast charging

Other than its processing performance, you can stay productive much longer with its large 5,000mAh battery and 33W SUPERVOOCfast charging.


If you spend a lot of time flicking through social media feeds, catching up with friends using messenger apps, and taking a lot of photos, the OPPO A77s can easily last you for up to two days.

Meanwhile, if you like binge-watching shows, OPPO claims that you can stream content over WiFI non-stop for 18 hours.


But what if you’re really an intense user who makes a lot of calls, plays games, and more? Don’t worry, as you only have to spend a few minutes with the 33W SUPERVOOC fast charging to be up and running again.

A quick 10-minute top-up can provide up to 3 hours of use, while a full charge will only take about an hour and ten minutes.


The OPPO A77s also has a couple of features for safe charging. There’s the Five Layers Security Protection that protects both the charging adapter and the battery; Night Charging protection to give you peace of mind that it won’t overcharge when you plug it in at night before you sleep; plus, Battery Safety Protection ensures that the battery health remains intact even after being charged and discharged over 800 times.

Fun gaming experience with the OPPO A77s

For an immersive gaming experience, the OPPO A77s comes with a Snapdragon 680 CPU with Adreno 610 GPU to handle games like Call of Duty Mobile, Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, Asphalt 9, and more.


To make the overall experience better, the OPPO A77s has a large 6.56-inch IPS display that provides enough room for on-screen controls during competitive gaming. There’s also the 90Hz refresh rate, which makes compatible games look smoother.


OPPO A77s also has a set of really impressive speakers. It has a dual stereo setup, which provides a competitive advantage in shooter games as you can identify where enemy footsteps are coming from. What’s more, it has an Ultra Volume mode, which amps up the volume to 200%.


While in-game, you can swipe from the left of the screen to show a dedicated gaming window. From here, you can see the current FPS, CPU and GPU usage, and choose between Balanced Mode, Power Mode, and Pro Gamer Mode.

There are also quick toggles that let users disable notifications and enable Game focus mode for distraction-free gaming, enable touch optimization for better responsiveness, orientation lock, screen recording, and even a voice changer if you want to hide your identity to other players.


Interested in getting the OPPO A77s? It’s now available in PH for Php13,999. You may get it at any OPPO brand stores, partner dealers, and in OPPO’s official Shopee Flagship Store, Lazada Flagship store and TikTok Shop.

This article was created by NoypiGeeks in partnership with OPPO Philippines.

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