POCO has finally addressed the infamous Pocophone F1 screen bleeding issue.

In a tweeted statement, POCO India said that the supposed screen bleeding problem of the Pocophone F1 is actually a ‘feature’ built-in on MIUI 9. The company says that it’s actually a bright gradient lighting by design, instead of a hardware issue.

To fix it, the ‘feature’ has been removed in the upcoming MIUI 10 software update. In order to know if they are telling the truth, users would need to wait for the update to reach their phones.

But not everyone’s buying POCO’s statement. Some Twitter users believe that it is indeed screen bleeding and the brand is just covering it up in an Apple-esque style.

In fact, a user who already tested the MIUI 10 beta said that the issue is still present even on the latest version of Xiaomi’s proprietary OS.

In addition, POCO also said that a small number (0.3% of all users) of POCO F1 units are experiencing edge light dispersion. However, the company has not proposed any solution aside from bringing affected devices to designated service centers.

You may check the full POCO India statement below.


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