If you are born between the years 1997 and 2012 (or between the years 1995 and 2010, depending on the source), then you fall into the cohort referred to as Gen Z—quite technically a good thing, if you find the idea of getting the best at what modern amenities has to offer “good”.

Pampered with the best of many things, plus the maturity to realize it as such, Gen Zs undoubtedly have it best, more so that their very existence is partly defined by the things they interact with, like their phones.


Easy enough to carry while packing the many advantages of a fast-computing device in the palms of their hands, the smartphone brings convenience to whoever carries it—and for GenZs, it is essentially an extension of themselves, where every touch on the screen is a purposeful undertaking.

Yet, what describes the power that comes with the smart device than its capability to take images from real-life sources at the touch of the screen? For a generation of people said to be the most photographed relative to others before them, it comes as no surprise that such a description is largely influenced by the same device they carry with them regularly.

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Acknowledging the rather fashion-forward nature that GenZs attribute the smartphone with, Chinese phone manufacturer vivo has come up with a product that complements the belief. That is, with a device so peculiarly trendy, it could be taken for a fashion statement to carry—the vivo Y36.

vivo is not necessarily reinventing the wheel with the Y36’s design. At face value, it is hard to distinguish it from other smart devices of its kind to be particularly outstanding—what with the traditional design seen in today’s smartphones and without the elaborate sophistication and frills.


But who says that it takes an overabundance of ornamentation to be considered stylish?

More so finding elegance in modesty rather than excessive embellishments, the vivo Y36 is the perfect representation of beauty in simplicity, driven by its clean and sleek design, which comes in two color variations—Glitter Aqua and Meteor Black.

Carved from a crystal glass design, the Glitter Aqua takes muse of the golden ripples that appear on a shiny lake, perfectly harmonizing a calm and optimistic Gen Z.


The Meteor Black, meanwhile, makes for the perfect colorway for a Gen Z who likes to represent themselves as professional and sophisticated, partly driven by the color scheme that is seamlessly in blend with any fashion piece.

For a relatively affordable price of only Php12,999, Gen Zs—or anybody else for that matter—can easily get their hands on the vivo Y36, which not only promises to deliver fashion and style to its beholder but also the level of performance that people expect from a smartphone.

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