Facebook has reported that a bug gave some app developers access to users’ hidden photos, with around 6.8million accounts are believed to be affected.

Back in September, an error caused users’ non-posted and privately shared photos in places like Facebook Stories and Facebook Marketplace to be shared on approximately 1500 apps from 876 developers.

But on an important note, the apps involved are only those who the users granted them access with. However, they were only supposed to access the publicly posted ones.

So if you think the apps you gave access too are trustworthy enough, there’s a chance that they will not cause any harm or security violation on the accessible photos.

This means that the damages might not be as significant as what happened to the previous Facebook fiasco, were cybercriminals were able to get a hold of 81,000 Facebook private messages, and sold them a-piece online.

A Facebook representative stretched how sorry the social network is about the incident, and added that they will be rolling out a tool that will help developers determine which users were affected by the bug.

The company also ensured its users that they will be working closely to everyone involved to resolve this issue.

Source: Facebook

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  1. It is very important to stay safe than be sorry. Sharing personal photos in social media platform is not an advisable thing to do. We should look at the security settings and make sure we are alert to any changes.

    Thanks for sharing, have a good day.