As the world gears up to face the menacing effect of the COVID-19 through a planned mass vaccination, Facebook joins the cause by combatting “conspiracies” that discourage people from getting inoculation in its own social media space.

With consultation from the World Health Organization, Facebook says that it will be expanding on its criteria that will enforce the taking down of false claims about the vaccine.

Specifically, the new guideline will target presumptions that strongly question the immunity booster’s efficacy, encourage the belief that it’s “safer to get the disease” than take something artificial against it, as well as the promotion of the enduring anti-vaxxer notion that vaccines cause autism.


Bearing a strong approach against violators, the platform has a special focus against Pages, groups, and individual accounts who could face outright removal, if found.

Facebook has been active in its campaign against “misinformation” over COVID-19 immunity shots since December last year.

Via: TechCrunch

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