Facebook settles facial recognition lawsuit worth $650 million


Facebook was in recent years in hot water following a class-action lawsuit against the facial recognition feature it implemented on its social media.

After some time of deliberation, a federal judge gave his final decision on Friday asking the giant tech company to settle for $650 million and ordering an “expeditious” pay to the 1.6 million members of the class in the state of Illinois.

An issue going as far back as 2015 due to alleged violation of the Illinois Biometric Information Privacy Act, which was raised by Chicago-based attorney Jay Edelson in the Cook County Circuit Court, the case subsequently became a class action lawsuit in 2018.

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As per lawsuit, Facebook’s Tag Suggestions feature specifically violates the Illinois law for its scanning of people’s faces in uploaded photos, having the ability to suggest who the individual was in the scanned imagery, and storing of biometric data, all without the user’s consent.

As of 2019, Facebook has made the facial recognition an “opt-in only” functionality in the platform.


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