A new entry to the PUBG series will arrive this year. Officially called PUBG: New State, the game will introduce new features into the battle royale formula.

These features include a new map called Troi, where players will dive in at a futuristic setting (the game is set in 2051) with new weapons, interactable objects, and customization kits.

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Its mobile nature notwithstanding, PUBG: New State will aim to provide realistic visuals that will take advantage of mobile graphics to the fullest. PUBG: New State is also set to advance the lore of the game’s universe.

Unlike PUBG Mobile, which is developed by the Chinese tech giant Tencent, PUBG Studio is handling the development of PUBG: New State. Pre-registration for PUBG: New State is now available at Google Play. Apple users will be able to pre-register later. The game is set to release on Android and iOS in late 2021.

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