Facebook’s newsfeed is growing old in terms of design and functionality and we’re not the only people who think that it’s time for a change. Mark Zuckerberg and the Facebook team are now preparing a major redesign to give the most popular social networking site a fresh look.

Upon seeing the new system, I immediately remembered something – Google Plus. Well, that’s how businesses really work – you see something nice, copy it, and add a few bells and whistles – Voila! You can now call it your own. Although it’s obviously “Google+ inspired”, Facebook did put some elements of their mobile version too to make it look nicer. I personally like the mobile site and I find it more convenient to use because there’s less clutter. However, just like the desktop version, I miss the Newsfeed filters that I used to see on a Facebook client called Friendcaster. I use it at times when I just want some quick glance at what’s happening on the site and there I can conveniently switch from Status updates only, Top stories, Photos only, and more. Fortunately, Facebook realized that this kind of filter is something they should officially add on its features as it makes the browsing easier.

There will also be an option where we can switch which fan page will appear on the new newsfeed. We can choose if we just want to see the posts of the pages we liked so we’ll get their updates quickly. You know, due to the clutter in the current design, we often miss the important updates of our favorite fan pages. But that filter doesn’t mean the it’ll get rid of the “Sponsored” Facebook posts. In fact, we might even see it more this time. We cannot complain on that as its Facebook’s source of revenue. As long as they won’t invade our privacy, I’m fine with any ads they’re up to.

So do you like to see this new mobilish multiple Newsfeed in action? If yes, you can now sign up for the waiting list by going here so that you’ll get to see it sooner. What do you think of the new redesign?

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