Imangi Studios, the well-known maker of the Temple Run, partners with Disney to release another movie inspired version of the most popular running game in the planet. Interested to know what’s new in Temple Run Oz? Check it out after the jump.

The game is based on the movie “Oz: The Great and Powerful” so that means we could expect a storyline – but unfortunately, you won’t find one. There is nothing really new to get excited about except for the visuals and add-ons to help make things feel fresh.

Temple Run Oz is the usual running game featured in the widely known hit but it has a major face lift on its graphics and design. The setting is somewhat cuter and more colorful when compared to the Temple Run 2 – which was released two months ago. As always, the gameplay is identical with minor differences such as the mini games and times when the player will ride a hot air balloon to go through several obstacles.

I personally liked the graphics but I honestly think that the running game fever is way saturated already and paying for a game with the same type of style is not really a good idea especially if you’re still enjoying the Temple Run 2 (which is Free on both platforms, by the way). The price is very cheap, though. But before you decide, go check out the trailer of Temple Run: Oz below.

You can now download Temple Run Oz for Android and iOS in their respective app stores but you need to pay $0.99 to get it. If you’re too lazy to search for it, then hit this link for the iOS version and go to this page to download it on your android-powered device.

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  1. Just recently discovered your blog. will put it up there among the best pinoy tech blogs around. (if not, atleast @ the top of my bookmark list). I need your opinion on two things:

    1) Which is a better daytoday “pangharabas” phone? CM FLARE or CM THUNDER? review the latter asap pls.

    2) re: GOOGLE NEXUS 7. Ready to buy one but.. Rumor has it that a Second Generation version will come out this may? Have you heard of this? So, should i wait? To buy or Not to buy NOW. That is the question.

    Sincerely hope that you’re the kind that replies.


    1. Hi, thanks Stumbler.

      1. We don’t have a CM Thunder unit so we can’t review it but if you’re not tight on budget, I think the Thunder is better than the Flare.

      2. Yes, there are rumors of the 2nd Gen Nexus tablet so I think it’s best to wait for it. The Nexus 7 still a good buy though so if you need it now, get it.

      Hope this helps.

      1. Thanks for replying. That’s definitely a plus factor for your blog.


        1) My main concern is the looks. Visually, i like the CM Thunder over the Flare. Would you recommend another phone around the same specs as the Thunder that you think looks better (around the price point too)?

        Again thankyou. Your efforts on this blog are appreciated :salute: