We all know how popular the original version of this game was and it’s very likely that this sequel will still get loads of attention from avid gamers. This one is not a movie tie-in, a spin-off, or anything, this is a real new product by Imangi Studios through their partnership with  Fuzzycube Software.

Temple Run 2 Download

Although the gameplay was still like the first one, don’t think that there is only a minimal improvement. In fact, it’s better than ever because you can really find some fun stuff here. The game takes place in a temple that’s up in the sky just before sunset or what they call the “golden hour”. The visuals and animations also received a huge upgrade giving it better performance and enhanced fluidity.

Download Temple Run 2

The original Temple Run is somewhat boring because it doesn’t have much grooves that you can do. In Temple Run 2, they managed to give the environment a face lift as they have included ziplines and at times, you’ll even ride a mine cart while on the rails.

And to put the icing on the cake, they have included four playable characters which has their own unique special powers to help you through your quest.

Watch the video below to get a glimpse of the gameplay.

You can download the Temple Run 2 for iPhone and iPad HERE. If you’re an android user, you still need to wait for some time because Temple Run 2 for android is still in the works.

UPDATE: Temple Run 2 for Android will be available on January 24.

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