As the supply for cheap android phone increases, more and more people are biting in the local brand offerings because of their great value for money. Imagine, you can get a dual-core powered smartphone for just under Php4k! What about international brands?

But some people aren’t comfortable with our local brands that’s why they prefer an established brand as a manufacturer of their android phone. We can’t blame them because spending your hard-earned money is no joke. I’m not saying that our local guys don’t offer quality product, but sometimes, it’s the name of the brand that people are after, regardless of the specifications of the smartphone.


To address this problem, Alcatel just decided to make their products more affordable by slashing a few thousands on their prices. The Alcatel Insight 993D, which formerly sells for Php9,490, is now priced at only Php8,590. On the other hand, the newer Alcatel One Touch Explore 997D, drops Php2,000 from its original price of Php11,990 making it only Php9,990!

We already reviewed the Insight 993D and we’re really impressed by its build and performance. This was supposed to be a hit for Alcatel but due to the arrival of top notch Pinoy android phones, the phone was completely overshadowed by cheaper alternatives. Still, this smartphone is one of the best out there for under Php10k up to now.

Review: You can read our full review of the Alcatel One Touch Insight 993D here.

The Alcatel One Touch Explore 997D is their answer towards these affordable smartphones. It sports almost all specifications that can be found on its competitors but of course, with a bigger bang. So if you feel like the Insight 993D is too basic for you, you might as well pick up this thing.

What do you guys think? Will you choose Alcatel over local brands? Let me know what you think.

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  1. Are you going to do a review on the 997D? Am curious about the dual SIM experience, i hope it’s not like the 993. I prefer the on-the-fly nature of the dual SIM on the 918N.

    1. I just recently had my 997D and it works really fine. Mobile surfing is no difficult. With 8mp camera such a hit at its price. If im buying a phone. I would go for specs then price. Dual sim is also perfect for those having contacts on both lines. Preferably in the phils where networks offers great net packages for prepaid.