Temple Run 2 finally arrived at the Play Store. The most awaited sequel of one of the most popular games in smartphone history can now be enjoyed by Android users. Get the download link after the break.

Temple Run 2 was first released on the Apple App Store a few days ago and that quickly ignited the rage of some android users who want to try the game. Fortunately, Imangi Studios promised that the sequel will also come to android on the 24th – and it did. Now, it is available for you to download, install, and play as you wish! But please don’t forget to sleep, alright?

Temple Run 2 Download Android

Temple Run 2 will surely be a hit once again as iOS users already praised this upgrade due to its intense and fun-filled action. The gameplay is still the same but there were few noticeable improvements that should get us excited. First is the monkey – it’s now bigger, bulkier, and scarier! Yeah, this is really needed since those small monkeys doesn’t look spooky enough. Next, they’ve developed it to have better graphics which makes it an eye-candy. And most importantly, the addition of the mines, ziplines, and forests which takes the game to a whole new world! In case your stuck, there are several power ups that are available as well. Apart from all those things, there are also four new characters for you to choose from.

Here’s a preview video from Imangi Studios.

Download Temple Run 2 for Android

Looks good, huh? We can probably expect that this will again trigger those high score challenges from our friends. And yes, nobody wants to meet them again until we’ve conquered their feat! Beat ’em all!

Oh, I know you have to go now so stop reading and go hit the download link now so you can join the fun! As always, the game is FREE! As of now, it’s not yet searchable on the Play Store but you can use the one above to directly access the download page. If you already have Temple Run 2 on your android, kindly share your thoughts about this new version.

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