Google, the world’s largest and most successful search engine giant, has finally come to our country and opened their new office at Manila. The Philippines is one of the most vibrant online community in Asia that’s why it’s no surprise that the big boss, whom people trusts, has finally come to town.

The Philippines currently has about 33 million internet users and it’s predicted to multiply in two for the next three years. So what’s with this new development? Since Google now has their own office in Manila, they will now have a better view of things and their services for Filipinos will vastly improve (targeted locally, I assume).


Because of his 16 years of finance and digital marketing experience in both Asia and United States, Mr. Narciso Reyes was the one tapped to be the Country Manager for the Philippines.

This follow up to Youtube PH that was released last 2011 is a huge step forward for our country. This only prove that the Philippines is a healthy online community that’s why more and more people are being interested in getting in our homeland.

According to GfK Asia (2012), the Philippines is the fastest-growing smartphone market in South East Asia and it accounts to around 30%, or 1 out of 3 phones sold (currently at 64%). This means that Filipinos’ access to the internet is growing at a very fast rate and it even surpasses the number of computer and laptops ownership of only 58% (Nielsen South East Asia Digital Consumer Report).  That’s a pretty interesting data, right?

Google Philippines are currently looking for local talents who are interested in working for their company. If you think you’re qualified, you can soon check out the available positions at

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  1. It seems Google is really getting on the move to branch in all parts of the world. Must say they are working hard.