Instagram is building its creator subscription program by slowly launching features that will allow influencers to make more money on the platform.

Recently, Instagram has allowed creators to share posts that their subscribers can only see. The posts, which can either be photos or Instagram Reels, will have a purple badge that has a crown symbol so users and creators can easily distinguish them.

As per Instagram lead Adam Mosseri, this is the main feature that a lot of creators are requesting for the program.

Instagram is also adding a new subscription-only chat option where creators and influencers can join a group DM that has up to 30 paying followers. These group chats will be using Messenger and influencers can easily access them from their Instagram inbox or Story. The chats will end after 24 hours.


For easy access, users can go to a special subscriber home tab on a creator’s profile. All content that is paywalled will be centralized. Such content includes photos, Reels, and even archived Lives.

According to Mosseri, thousands of US creators already have access to the subscription program. These creators can charge fans up to USD100 (around Php5,600) per month to give access to their exclusive content.

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