Remember LimeWire? Don’t pretend that you don’t, because the company everyone knew as a peer-to-peer file sharing software — mostly used for downloading music — just made a comeback.

LimeWire has been relaunched as a new NFT platform for music.



Taking a look back at its history: It’s no secret that the primary use for LimeWire, back in the day, is for sharing and downloading music. And most of the time, in illegitimate ways.

That’s why, in 2010, the popular software for Windows, OS X, Linux, and Solaris was shut down after it inevitably received copyright infringement charges from different organizations in the recording industry in the United States.

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Now, LimeWire is making a comeback as an NFT platform. And since we knew them for music, the new platform will also focus on music-related NFTs. Other forms of art and entertainment will also be catered.

The company marks its re-release with a poignant ad, which creative director Florestan Rösemann said was “both a love letter to the 2000s and a celebration of the new LimeWire.”

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