After a lot of people got their first smartphone, it is no surprise that they migrated the things they used to do on desktop computers to their tiny and portable computing machine. One of those activities includes online shopping.

I-Price, an e-commerce aggregator based in Malaysia, just released its report called “The State of Online Shoppers in Southeast Asia 2021/22.” It revealed that mobile purchases in the Philippines are now more than two times higher than the purchases made on desktop computers.

The study said that, five years ago, consumers were more likely to make online purchases on desktop computers than on mobile devices. But now, as times have changed, so as the preferences of consumers.

It is said that the same trend are also seen in most of Southeast Asian markets.

The report explains that 5% of consumers in SEA who are window shopping on their mobile devices ended up in checkout, while desktop traffic only has 3%.

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I-Price noted that the development is due to e-commerce platforms optimizing their websites for devices with smaller screens — even if they don’t have a dedicated mobile app.

The Malaysian firm also noticed that a lot of merchants are putting a lot of marketing effort and budget to encourage mobile purchases.

This study came from the data gathered from 125 million unique users on i-Price Group websites from SEA markets such as the Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, Singapore, and Malaysia from January 1, 2021 to April 30, 2022.

Via: ABS-CBN News

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