The majority of Filipinos are likely to complete an online purchase if the purchase comes with free delivery.

Per “Digital 2022: The Philippines” from data analysis firm DataReportal, about seven out of ten Filipinos said the option of free delivery would encourage them to complete their purchases from e-commerce outlets.

The report based its figures from the findings of GWI, specifically from the market research firm’s Q3 2021 global survey of internet users aged 16 to 64.

The report also shows that around half of the respondents would be encouraged to buy because of customer reviews, the option to pay cash on delivery, and availability of discounts. Live chat boxes, the option of in-store pickup, and “buy” buttons on social media were found to be least effective in motivating Filipinos to buy online.

Besides online shopping habits, the report revealed other interesting things about Filipino internet users. Of the 111.8 million Filipinos nationwide (as of January 2022), 82.4 percent or 92.05 million are active social media users. Facebook and Facebook Messenger remain the most used platform, followed by Instagram, Tiktok and Twitter.

The digital media spend of Filipinos in 2021 reached $1.91 billion (approx. ₱101.1 billion), 77.5 percent or $1.48 billion of which was for video games.

Source: DataReportal

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