Pinoy culture is getting the attention in PUBG Mobile as a Filipino mythology-inspired skin based on the Ibong Adarna comes center stage in the popular battle royale on mobile.

Dubbed the Phoenix Adarna, the set features aesthetics that resemble the legendary Filipino bird. To complete the whole package, it comes with a Tagalog voiceover, backpack, parachute, avatar frame, buggy-type ride, and permanent cover art.

Intended to be a limited-time thing, the event will be running from today until June 19, 2022. An ample enough time to meet objectives and claim the Phoenix Adarna set as a reward.


Players will specifically want to remain in the top four in at least 10 matches to get the permanent skin. Meanwhile, those who would at least log into the game for a total of 14 days will get the cover art or the Mecha Ant backpack, if online for at least three hours.

To get the Hairy Metal set, a total of 180 minutes of surviving across matches is required while tagging along with friends at least 10 times. Getting the S1897 weapon skin Indigo Flames would only require players to have eliminated 20 opponents.

Accumulating enough points by doing the daily objectives, players could get the parachute pattern, avatar frame, Fiery Wings backpack blueprint, and the Radiant Phoenix Adarna buggy.

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