Today, European legislators agreed to require all smartphones, tablets, and cameras sold in the EU to use a common USB-C charging connector.

By autumn 2024, all smartphones (yes, including iPhones) sold in the EU, must use a USB-C port for charging, according to the amended guidelines.

With this, people will no longer need to purchase a new charging cable every time they buy a device. In fact, they will soon be able to use cables across multiple devices.


The new regulation, however, only applies to gadgets that charge through a wired cable, and not to those that charge wirelessly.

Consumers will be given detailed information about the charging information of new gadgets, making it easy to determine whether their current chargers are compatible with new ones.

An option to buy a device with or without chargers will also be available. But as of writing, it’s still unclear if manufacturers will be required to give both options to the consumers.

Source: European Parliament | Via: TechCrunch

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