Lyka is a new type of social media platform that has seen much hype in the last few months. The lure is, you can literally make money by converting gems, which you can earn by engaging within the app.

Now, a nonprofit Information and Communications Technology (ICT) organization called Computer Professionals’ Union (CPU) has warned Filipinos about using Lyka for possible privacy and security issues.

#SecuritySunday: CPU warns the Filipino people against the use of Lyka, a social media platform that promises to pay its…

Posted by Computer Professionals’ Union on Sunday, February 14, 2021

In a Facebook post, CPU explained that users might have unknowingly become a subject of a large-scale market research. Apparently, in the app’s privacy policy details, information like bank details and personal data may be shared with Lyka’s partners.

Gems as incentives will encourage people to share more of the said data.

CPU added that there had been reports from Lyka users saying the app is accessing their device’s camera in the background without the users’ consent. Also, deactivating a Lyka account is impossible.

Users also reported that they are struggling to convert gems to cash, plus a couple of other bugs within the app.

CPU noted that since there’s no transparency regarding who can have access to said personal data, Lyka and partners can pretty much do whatever they want with them.

They added that you should “Treat your personal information as the gems that they are and remember that ‘free’ doesn’t truly exist when it comes to social media. If you didn’t have to pay money to use an app, you pay with your personal data and privacy instead,”

But in a statement released back on January 14, 2021, Lyka said that users’ privacy is their utmost priority and that the users’ data and information are kept strictly confidential. You can read the statement below.


Posted by LYKA on Friday, January 15, 2021

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